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Education for Girls in Afghanistan Program

Women for Change Inc (WFC) is an Australian non-profit association, founded in 2019 and registered with Consumer Affairs Victoria. Women for Change is a growing association that consists of 67 Afghan women with strong objectives. Our main aim is to bring positive changes to the lives of Afghan women living in Afghanistan and Australia. Our commitment to empowering women is driven through education & training, employment, and support to the most vulnerable families in Australia and the remote areas of Afghanistan.

Our Track Record of Success in Afghanistan and Australia
For the past three years, most of our projects to empower girls, women, and their families in Afghanistan have been implemented in the Waras District of Bamyan. Our areas of focus have included: carpet and felt weaving, tuition courses for girls, the poor and child labourers, and creating job opportunities for widowed and disabled women to enable them to support their families. We also provide financial and food aid for poor and needy families and sick people.
In Australia, Women for Change continues to build on our success as a community-led provider of social services. The following are examples of how our women have been changing the world since 2019:


  • Approximately 82 women have obtained employment in the areas of education, health, food production and interpreting, bakeries, factories, age care, childcare, and more.

  • 20 women were connected with English classes with the Australian Hazara Women’s Friendship Network

  • 40 women attended swimming and water safety classes to respond to the high number of community members who have drowned in Australia.

  • 100 women were educated about COVID health and vaccines funded by the Victoria State Government Primary Response Multicultural Communities initiative.

  • Multiple information sessions have been delivered, including collaborations with the local police on the law and safety, as well as Australian citizenship classes that assist our community in increasing its connection to our home, Australia.


Education for Girls in Afghanistan Program

The current Taliban regime in Afghanistan doesn’t allow girls to go to public school – even though we are living in 2022. This policy is completely harsh, unlawful, and unfair towards Afghan girls. A large part of Afghan society is depressed, isolated, and feeling forgotten by the rest of the world – most Afghans are too frightened to speak up against the new rules of the regime. Because of the high violence against women and girls in Afghanistan, even they cannot protest and raise their voices. If they do, they could be killed the next day.
We believe the Taliban is denying girls a public education in Afghanistan to use them as a bargaining chip with Western countries in a push to have the Taliban regime recognised as the legitimate government of Afghanistan.
However, there is hope. To appease certain internal and external stakeholders, the Taliban is currently allowing private tutoring classes for girls away from the eyes of the West. Women For Change sees this as a significant opportunity to continue and expand our established Education for Girls in Afghanistan Program.


We Need Your Vital Support

Since the Taliban took over Afghanistan we have continued to adapt and build our education program. We have spoken with many school principals who are running high-profile schools in West Kabul. We have acquired the teaching spaces, teachers, salary, times, and shifts. The agreement is that we will employ one teacher for 50 girls for two shifts of three hours, which will cover five important subjects five days a week.
For clear accountability to potential donors like yourself, Women For Change provides monthly reports such as videos, documents, and receipts on request. We are also happy to discuss any specific information you require to assist you in deciding to support us.


How You Can Make the Difference

The salary of one teacher is $150 Australian per month, which would be around 10000 Afghani. Apart from educating vulnerable girls, this income allows the teacher to feed themselves and their families, and travel safely to and from the school.

Details on How to Begin Your Support Today:

There are three support options:

  1. Commit to $30 per month (or whatever you can afford) as an individual

  2. Unite with your friends and work colleagues, or give as an individual, to sponsor a teacher with $150 per month

  3. Make a one-off payment to this program.

How to give:

Giving is easy. Set up your regular Pay Anyone transfer today through your bank to:
Woman for Change Inc
Commonwealth Bank
BSB: 063619
Acc: 11156923
Please type in the transfer description: Education for Girls, It only takes five minutes to make make a big difference to the world.

If you believe in global justice and equality, please support our Education for Girls in Afghanistan Program. And please don’t forget the people of Afghanistan.

For further inquiry contact Women for Change’s President Lida Hazara on 0470 171 803.

ABN: 25990 695 256 
Address: 71 Donahue St Cranbourne East Vic, 3977 
Phone: 0470 171 803 

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