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Take Me Home

Take Me Home is a non-profit, volunteer-based foundation that has been saving the lives of homeless animals since 2001. We work in conjunction with shelters and rescues throughout the world to help save animals on death row, on the streets or in unsafe living conditions. Our team is driven by love, compassion and doing right by innocent animals who have no voice. As with any non-profit, we rely solely on funds from generous and cherished supporters to keep saving lives. Thank you for supporting TMH! Your contributions are tax deductible and will change a life.

Take Me Home

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Sometimes you see something that's so perfect for your life, it screams "take me home." That happened to me with a lamp at Target the other day, and it's going to happen to you as soon as you take a sip of this coffee. Sourced via our longstanding direct partnership with the Solis brothers in Tarrazú, Costa Rica, this honey-processed coffee is toffee nutty in the cup, with notes of vanilla bean and almond paste.

To Danoff, the lyric "(t)he radio reminds me of my home far away" in the bridge is quintessentially West Virginian, an allusion to when he listened to the program Saturday Night Jamboree, broadcast from Wheeling, West Virginia, on WWVA at his home in Springfield, Massachusetts during his childhood in the 1950s.[5]

"Take Me Home, Country Roads" received an enthusiastic response from West Virginians.[12] On November 1, 2017, the West Virginia Tourism Office announced it had obtained the rights to use "Take Me Home, Country Roads", in its marketing efforts. "'Country Roads' has become synonymous with West Virginia all over the world," said West Virginia Tourism Commissioner Chelsea Ruby. "It highlights everything we love about our state: scenic beauty, majestic mountains, a timeless way of life, and most of all, the warmth of a place that feels like home whether you've lived here forever or are just coming to visit." The opening phrase of the song, "Almost heaven", became a primary tourism office slogan.[13]

The song is the theme song of West Virginia University, and it has been performed during every home football pregame show since 1972. The song is played for other athletic events and university functions, including after football games, for which the fans are encouraged to stay in the stands and sing the song along with the team.[14] On September 6, 1980, at the invitation of West Virginia Governor Jay Rockefeller, songwriters Danoff, Nivert, and Denver performed the song during pregame festivities to a sold-out crowd of Mountaineer fans. This performance marked the dedication of the current West Virginia University Mountaineer Field and the first game for head coach Don Nehlen.[15]

The Take Me Home Program is a free service offered by the Denton Police Department that allows residents to register loved ones who may have difficulty communicating with first responders. Originally developed by the Pensacola, Florida Police Department, the program is designed to help individuals who may need special assistance in the event they are alone or in an emergency. By registering a loved one, first responders will be able to quickly access their photo and information in the event they need help returning home.

The system also works in reverse. If a non-verbal child is found alone, for example, dispatchers can access the Take Me Home database and search by physical description to see if they are in the program. The search results will allow first responders to identify the individual, speak with their emergency contacts, and help them return home.

TakeMeHome and its delivery subcontractor takes care of all that. All of these services are included in the cost. Each health department orders the number of kits they want; TakeMeHome takes care of the rest, including promotion. Additionally, health departments may modify the numbers of tests they order during a given time period.

When it comes to your home, having the right information at your fingertips can mean a world of difference. Let us help you make informed decisions about one of the most significant investments of your life.

Ask yourself: What would my person do if they were not able to communicate their name or address if they were lost? Take Me Home is designed to be a safeguard if a person becomes disoriented or confused, and unable to identify how to get back home.

Please take a moment to register your loved one today, so you can help us help them. Once registered, officers can search a secure database for information specific to the person to include physical description, photographs, medical conditions, home address, and a list of persons to contact in the event of an emergency. To register for Take Me Home click here. For additional information, please contact Officer Alison Delaney at 267-536-1080 , or Officer Andy Gibbs 267-536-1097 041b061a72

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