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Reading Eggs PDF Download: Everything You Need to Know About the Online Program and the Printable Worksheets

Reading Eggs PDF Download: What You Need to Know

Reading Eggs is a popular online reading program for children aged 2 to 13. It helps them learn to read with fun and interactive games, activities, and books. But did you know that you can also download PDF worksheets and books from Reading Eggs for free? In this article, we will tell you what Reading Eggs is, how to download PDF files from it, and what are the benefits of using them.

What is Reading Eggs?

Reading Eggs is a created by experienced educators who have over 30 years of experience in teaching children how to read. It is based on solid scientific research and has won multiple awards and endorsements from leading homeschool associations. Reading Eggs has three main features:

reading eggs pdf download

A comprehensive learn to read program

Reading Eggs uses the five essential keys to reading success: phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension. It covers all aspects of learning to read for children of different ages and abilities. It has over 3000 online books for kids that end with a comprehension quiz. It also has a placement test that ensures your child starts at the right level.

A fun and engaging online platform

Reading Eggs makes learning to read enjoyable and motivating for kids. It has colorful animations, catchy songs, cute characters, and rewards that keep children on task. It also has a variety of games, puzzles, and activities that make reading fun. Children can also create their own stories, compete with other students, and customize their avatars and houses.

A research-based and award-winning curriculum

Reading Eggs is proven to boost reading skills in children. It follows a systematic and sequential curriculum that aligns with the Common Core State Standards. It also adapts to your child's individual needs and progress. Reading Eggs has received positive reviews from many parents and teachers who have seen their children improve their reading abilities.

How to download PDF worksheets and books from Reading Eggs?

Reading Eggs offers free downloadable resources that support home learning. You can access hundreds of printable PDF worksheets and books that correspond with the online lessons. To download them, you need to follow these steps:

Access the bonus material tab

Log into your home account at Click the 'Bonus Material' tab at the top of the page in the yellow menu bar.

Choose the activity sheets or e-books

Select 'Activity Sheets' or 'E-books' from the menu. You can filter by grade level, subject area, and focus skill. You can also browse by series or title.

Print or save the PDF files

Click the worksheet or book you wish to download. It will open in a new tab as a PDF file. You can print it directly from your browser or save it to your device.

What are the benefits of using PDF worksheets and books from Reading Eggs?

Using PDF worksheets and books from Reading Eggs can help your child in many ways:

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Reading Eggs printable worksheets and bonus material pdf

Reading Eggs kindergarten phonics student book pdf

Reading Eggs activity sheets for grades K-6 pdf

Reading Eggs alphabet letter books pdf download

Reading Eggs comprehension passages pdf

Reading Eggs spelling grade 1-6 pdf

Reading Eggs rewards for reading pdf

Reading Eggs sight words and sentences pdf

Reading Eggs geometry grade 3 pdf

Reading Eggs fractions grade 3 pdf

Reading Eggs multiplication and division grade 3 pdf

Reading Eggs number grade 3 pdf

Reading Eggs operations K/Prep pdf

Reading Eggs time K/Prep pdf

Reading Eggs add and subtract grade 1 pdf

Reading Eggs phonics K/Prep pdf

Reading Eggs alphabet I spy K/Prep pdf

Reading Eggs alphabet maze K/Prep pdf

Reading Eggs alphabet certificates K/Prep pdf

Reading Eggs handwriting letter placemats K/Prep pdf

Reading Eggs comprehension fiction grade 2-6 pdf

Reading Eggs comprehension nonfiction grade 2,5 pdf

Reading Eggs numbers and patterns K/Prep pdf

Reading Eggs toddler sample lessons pdf

Reading Eggs junior printable activities for toddlers and preschoolers pdf

Reading Eggs online sample lessons for reading and math pdf

Reading Eggs free trial access for new customers pdf

Reading Eggs pricing and subscription options pdf

Reading Eggs technical support and troubleshooting guide pdf

Reading Eggs how to adjust level or reset placement test pdf

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Reading Eggs how to cancel Apple App Store or Google Play subscriptions pdf

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Reading Eggs general FAQs and customer help desk pdf

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Download reading eggs app for android or ios devices pdf

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Download reading eggs lesson plans and curriculum guides pdf

Download reading eggs progress reports and certificates of achievement pdf

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Reinforce the online lessons

The PDF worksheets and books match the online lessons in Reading Eggs. They help your child review and practice what they have learned online. They also provide additional exercises and challenges that enhance their reading skills.

Practice reading skills offline

The PDF worksheets and books allow your child to practice reading skills offline. They can use them anytime and anywhere, without the need for an internet connection or a device. They can also work at their own pace and repeat the activities as many times as they want.

Enjoy colorful and interactive resources

The PDF worksheets and books are designed to be attractive and engaging for children. They have bright colors, illustrations, and stickers that make reading fun. They also have interactive features such as cut-outs, puzzles, and games that make learning interactive.


Reading Eggs is a great online reading program that helps children learn to read with fun and interactive games, activities, and books. It also offers free downloadable PDF worksheets and books that complement the online lessons. These PDF files can help your child reinforce the online lessons, practice reading skills offline, and enjoy colorful and interactive resources. To download them, you just need to log into your home account, access the bonus material tab, and choose the activity sheets or e-books you want. You can then print or save the PDF files to your device.


Here are some frequently asked questions about Reading Eggs PDF download:

Q: How much does Reading Eggs cost?

A: Reading Eggs offers a free trial for 30 days for new users. After that, you can choose from different subscription plans that suit your needs and budget. You can also get discounts for multiple children or annual payments.

Q: How can I access Reading Eggs on my device?

A: Reading Eggs is compatible with most devices, including computers, tablets, and smartphones. You can access it through your web browser or download the app from the App Store or Google Play.

Q: How can I track my child's progress on Reading Eggs?

A: Reading Eggs provides detailed reports and feedback on your child's progress and achievements. You can view them on your parent dashboard or receive them by email. You can also see your child's certificates, awards, and books they have read.

Q: How can I contact Reading Eggs customer support?

A: Reading Eggs has a friendly and helpful customer support team that is available 24/7. You can contact them by phone, email, or live chat. You can also visit their website for more information and FAQs.

Q: How can I cancel my Reading Eggs subscription?

A: You can cancel your Reading Eggs subscription at any time by logging into your account and following the instructions. You will not be charged any fees or penalties for canceling.


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