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Digital Image Processing Using MATLAB, 2nd Edition [BEST]

The course ends with one of the most attractive topics in the work with MATLAB in Earth Sciences. The result of image processing and analysis is generally a colorful picture. After a week with lots of figures and graphics, this theme is therefore mostly recreation and entertainment at the same time. We start with simple examples of image processing, importing and displaying photos, image enhancement, and saving data.

Digital Image Processing Using MATLAB, 2nd edition

A great resource for image analysis with MATLAB is the book by Gonzales et al. (2009) with co-author Steve Eddins, who has developed MATLAB and image processing capabilitities for MathWorks since 1993 and runs an excellent blog on image processing at

The first book in this answer is a good book, but it focuses on computational intelligence approaches, which are often considered part of AI too. The other books that you mention in your post also focus on subfields of AI, such as machine learning or image processing, so they do not cover all aspects of AI.

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