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Wowbox: A Journey Through Japan's 47 Prefectures in a Box

WowBox: The Ultimate Subscription Box for Japanese Snacks Lovers

If you love Japanese snacks, you're in for a treat. WowBox is a subscription box service that delivers a box of surprises to your door every month. You'll get to enjoy a variety of snacks from different regions and seasons in Japan, ranging from traditional sweets to modern creations. Whether you're looking for a gift for yourself or someone else, WowBox is a great way to discover new flavors and cultures.

How WowBox Works

Getting your first WowBox is easy. All you have to do is follow these simple steps:



  • Sign up on their website and create an account.

  • Choose your plan from two options: Tabi Box or Omiyage Box. You can also select your preferred box size (small, medium, or large) and delivery frequency (monthly or bi-monthly).

  • Wait for your box to arrive at your doorstep. You'll receive a tracking number once your box is shipped.

  • Enjoy your snacks and share them with your friends and family.

What's Inside a WowBox

Each WowBox is packed with a variety of snacks that will delight your taste buds. You'll get to try snacks that are exclusive to Japan, as well as snacks that are only available during certain seasons or festivals. Here are some of the snacks you can expect in your box:

Tabi Box

The Tabi Box is perfect for those who want to explore the different regions of Japan through their snacks. Tabi means "journey" in Japanese, and this box will take you on a journey to 47 prefectures in Japan, each with its own unique snacks and specialties. You'll get to taste snacks like:

  • Kyoto Matcha Baumkuchen: A soft and moist cake made with high-quality matcha from Kyoto, the capital of green tea.

  • Hokkaido Milk Caramel: A creamy and rich caramel made with fresh milk from Hokkaido, the northernmost island of Japan.

  • Okinawa Brown Sugar Manju: A steamed bun filled with brown sugar from Okinawa, the southernmost island of Japan.

  • Nagasaki Castella: A sponge cake that originated from Portugal and became popular in Nagasaki, a port city with a history of foreign trade.

  • Tokyo Banana: A banana-shaped sponge cake filled with banana custard cream, a souvenir snack from Tokyo, the capital of Japan.

Omiyage Box

The Omiyage Box is ideal for those who want to enjoy seasonal and regional snacks from popular Japanese brands. Omiyage means "souvenir" in Japanese, and this box will give you a souvenir of the best snacks that Japan has to offer. You'll get to savor snacks like:

  • KitKat Sakura Mochi: A limited-edition KitKat that features a sakura (cherry blossom) flavored chocolate and a mochi (rice cake) flavored wafer, inspired by the traditional spring snack of sakura mochi.

  • Pocky Strawberry Heartful: A heart-shaped Pocky that has a thick coating of strawberry chocolate and crunchy bits of freeze-dried strawberries, perfect for Valentine's Day or any day.

  • Calbee Jagariko Cheese Fondue: A crispy potato stick snack that has a cheese fondue flavor, made with four kinds of cheese and white wine, great for winter or any season.