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The Best Cars for Midtown Madness 2: Download and Enjoy

Midtown Madness 2 Download Cars: A Guide to a Fun Racing Game

If you are looking for a fun racing game that lets you drive around realistic cities in a variety of vehicles, then you might want to check out Midtown Madness 2. This is a 2000 open world racing game for Microsoft Windows, developed by Angel Studios and published by Microsoft. It is the sequel to 1999's Midtown Madness, and it offers even more madcap excitement with all the hair-raising racing challenges you've come to expect. In this article, we will tell you what are the main features of the game, how to download and install it on your PC, what are some of the reviews of the game, and answer some frequently asked questions.

midtown madness 2 download cars

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Midtown Madness 2 features two all new locations: London and San Francisco. Both cities have been meticulously modeled to include many notable landmarks and attractions. You can explore them in four different modes: Blitz, Checkpoint, Circuit, and Cruise. Blitz mode is a timed race through a series of checkpoints; Checkpoint mode is a free-form race against other cars; Circuit mode is a lap-based race on a predefined track; and Cruise mode lets you roam freely around the city with no objectives or restrictions.

The game also features a range of vehicles that can be driven around the cities. There are 20 vehicles in total, ranging from common street cars to an Aston Martin to a double-decker bus. Each vehicle has its own characteristics, such as speed, handling, durability, and weight. Some vehicles also have special features, such as sirens, horns, or nitrous boost. You can unlock new vehicles by winning races or completing missions in the Crash Course mode.

The Crash Course mode is a new addition to the game that allows you to learn and master the skills of driving in different scenarios. You can choose between two courses: Cab Driving School in London and Stunt Driver in San Francisco. In each course, you will have to complete various objectives, such as picking up passengers, performing stunts, or avoiding obstacles. The Crash Course mode is both fun and challenging, and it adds more variety to the gameplay.

The graphics of the game are decent for its time, but they may look dated by today's standards. The textures are low-resolution, the models are simple, and the lighting is flat. However, the game still has a lot of charm and personality, thanks to its colorful environments, lively traffic and pedestrians, and humorous sound effects and voice-overs. The game also runs smoothly on most modern systems, as long as you apply some patches or fixes (see below).

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