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Ivory Steinway German D LITE Package Piano Vst Serial Keyl by ...

the soundboard of a steinway grand piano is a huge, flat, resonant plate. it is a substantial contributor to the overall tonal weight of a piano, and the larger the soundboard, the greater the resonance and resonance band. this resonance affects the tonal color and the timbre of the piano. for example, a larger soundboard is more liable to resonate at low and high frequencies. a soundboard that resonates well at the low frequencies gives a bright, bright, bright sound. a soundboard that resonates well at the high frequencies gives a darker, darker, darker sound. a soundboard that resonates at both the low and high frequencies gives the typical 'bluesy' sound that is found in many european concert grands. the much larger soundboard of the steinway model d gives a brighter, more open, brighter, brighter sound that is closer to that of an acoustic grand. the steinway model d is designed to give the tonal characteristics of a european concert grand, and in addition the steinway action, combined with the pre-laid strings, gives a more resonant and a smoother response.

Ivory Steinway German D LITE Package Piano Vst Serial Keyl

the steinway piano action is designed to achieve the best mechanical and acoustical balance of all pianos. it uses a double-crowned hammer assembly and a side-mounted hammer lever that provides a cut-off resonance at high frequencies. this is designed to provide a clean, bright, bright, bright sound. the hammers are acoustically isolated from the keyboard, and are mounted on a circular frame that allows the hammer assembly to move freely above the keys. this movement is provided by a parallel mechanism that absorbs and transmits energy in all directions, providing a more even, smoother, and more resonant response.

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