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EA SPORTS FIFA 22 vs FIFA 21: What's New and What's Improved

EA Sports FIFA: The Ultimate Football Game

If you are a fan of football, or soccer as it is known in some countries, you have probably heard of EA Sports FIFA, the most popular and successful football video game series in the world. But what is EA Sports FIFA exactly, and why should you play it? In this article, we will give you an overview of what EA Sports FIFA is, what it offers, what it challenges, and how you can get started with it. Whether you are a seasoned veteran or a curious newcomer, we hope this article will help you enjoy EA Sports FIFA to the fullest.

What is EA Sports FIFA?

EA Sports FIFA is a football simulation game developed by Electronic Arts (EA), a leading company in the gaming industry. EA Sports FIFA is part of the FIFA series, which started in 1993 and has been released annually ever since. EA Sports FIFA aims to recreate the experience of playing and watching football in a realistic and immersive way, using advanced graphics, physics, animations, sounds, and gameplay mechanics. EA Sports FIFA also features various modes and features that allow players to customize their own football experience, such as creating their own teams, players, stadiums, kits, leagues, tournaments, and more.

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A brief history of the FIFA series

The first game in the FIFA series was FIFA International Soccer, released in 1993 for various platforms. It was one of the first games to use an isometric view and to feature real national teams and players. Since then, the FIFA series has evolved and improved over the years, adding new features, modes, licenses, platforms, and technologies. Some of the most notable milestones in the FIFA series are:

  • FIFA 96: The first game to use 3D graphics and motion capture technology.

  • FIFA 98: The first game to feature an official license from the FIFA World Cup.

  • FIFA 2001: The first game to use online multiplayer mode.

  • FIFA 07: The first game to introduce the Ultimate Team mode, where players can create their own fantasy teams using cards.

  • FIFA 14: The first game to use the Ignite engine, which enhanced the graphics, physics, animations, and AI of the game.

  • FIFA 17: The first game to use the Frostbite engine, which improved the visuals, lighting, and rendering of the game.

  • FIFA 18: The first game to feature a story mode called The Journey, where players can follow the career of a young player named Alex Hunter.

  • FIFA 21: The first game to use HyperMotion technology on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series XS, and Stadia versions, which captured the movements of real players using advanced motion capture suits.

The main features and modes of EA Sports FIFA

EA Sports FIFA offers a variety of features and modes that cater to different tastes and preferences of football fans. Some of the main features and modes are:

  • Career Mode: A mode where players can take control of a club or a player and manage their career over multiple seasons.

  • Ultimate Team: A mode where players can create their own fantasy teams using cards that represent players, managers, stadiums, kits, badges, chemistry styles, consumables, and more.

  • Volta Football: A mode where players can play street football in various locations around the world, using different rules, formats, and styles.

  • Pro Clubs: A mode where players can create their own custom players and join clubs with other players online.

  • Online Seasons: A mode where players can compete against other players online in a 10-game season format.

  • Online Friendlies: A mode where players can play friendly matches against their friends online.

  • Co-Op Seasons: A mode where players can team up with a friend and play online seasons together.