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Subtitle Gettysburg

In The Civil War, the documentary by Ken Burns, the subtitle of Episode 5, "The Universe of Battle", comes from Haskell's account, where, shortly after the lunch, he and Gen. Gibbon are sitting, watching the great cannonade of the third day. During "Gettysburg: The Third Day", Garrison Keillor reads a relevant excerpt.[24]

subtitle Gettysburg


When you deliver the videos, it only takes a single URL parameter to automatically insert the generated transcript into your video in the form of subtitles, which are exactly aligned to the timing of each spoken word. Alternatively, you can specify the (optionally) returned vtt or srt file as a video track so that users can toggle the subtitles on or off.

When the google_speech request is complete (may take several seconds or minutes depending on the length of the video), a new raw file is created in your product environment with the same public ID as your video or audio file and with the .transcript file extension. You can additionally request a standard subtitle format such as 'vtt' or 'srt'.

You can also optionally set a minimum confidence level for your subtitles, for example: l_subtitles:my-video-id.transcript:90. In this case, any excerpt that Google returns with a lower confidence value will be omitted from the subtitles. Keep in mind that in some cases, this may exclude several sentences at once.

Cloudinary can automatically generate subtitles from the returned transcripts. To automatically embed subtitles with your video, add the subtitles property of the overlay parameter (l_subtitles in URLs), followed by the public ID to the raw transcript file (including the extension).

As with any subtitle overlay, you can use transformation parameters to make a variety of formatting adjustments when you overlay an automatically generated transcript file, including choice of font, font size, fill and outline color, and gravity.

For example, these subtitles are displayed using the Impact font, size 15, in a khaki color with a dark brown background, and located on the bottom left (south_west) instead of the default centered alignment:

Instead of embedded a transcript in your video as an overlay, you can alternatively add returned vtt or srt transcript files as a separate track for a video player. This way, the subtitles can be controlled (toggled on/off) separately from the video itself. For example, to add the video and transcript sources for an HTML5 video player: 041b061a72


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