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Download MDPS Part3 Rar

I am just overwhelmed with so much joy right now. After several attempts to download all the parts, I finally was able to download everything to my usb device and the game works perfectly. Admin, thank you so much for all your help and to all your efforts to make this all possible. This will be my first eroge to experience fondly. Thank you times a million.

Download MDPS part3 rar

I have tried downloading a couple VNs using the links given on this site, but no matter how many times I try, the download is interrupted partway through. Only once have I gotten to above 50%. Is there something I am missing or doing wrong? Any help would be appreciated.

since im still downloading this, i should do something else rather than looking at the screen cuzz im so booooored good thing i have downloaded new games for my psp. by the way why is it some eroge games are censored? it doesnt make any sense to me, there is no sense in creating a H scene if it will be censored right?..

I downloaded all the parts, extracted them, got the game started, and i get a bunch of mini screens coming up with japanese lettering and i have a complete black screen up to the main menu, and then during the game, please help

Is there any way we could get a medifire download link for this game i can not get it to work and i cant get lets meow meow to work ethier so if a download for medifire can be put on both games i think it would be better for me.

I tried downloading Part 3 again today. It worked without any problems whatsoever. That leads me to assume the problem was just with the host. Please forgive the unwarranted statement from before. Thanks for going to the trouble of posting all of these and keeping them up to date.

ok so i downloaded part 1 off of fileserve and opened it but it says that i cant play it on adobe reader. so i need to know what program i need so that i can play it. also if i need to do anything else besides just open it could someone please tell me.

Okay so I got everything downloaded and extracted everything, but when I start the game up I get the title screen only for it to show an error message after I press start and it has some Japanese characters and then 1000.arc:Maingame or something along those lines, what am I doing wrong?

can somone please post these games somewere else I realy hate waiting like 15 min to download the next part of a large game and have limited time to use my comp.mediafire is the best place to post stuff like this ?

hey bro just downloaded all the cgs to find out and the 4th cg for kaede is of her feeding you her luch like the other girls but im still to find out how to get it it sucks as this is the last piece for me to get 100%

Im having trouble installing the game, Ive downloaded everything and joined all the necessary flies but when I try to play the screen is black and unresponsive, could someone pls tell me what Im doing wrong.

Hey I just wanna check, i downloaded part 1,2,3 but i only needed part 1 to play, how does that work?and plus, i just did Kaede rout, and ITS SO FREAKING GOOD! LOVING THIS STORY LINE MUCH BETTER THAN ORIGINAL ANIME SERIES!!THANKS FOR THE UPLOAD!! I LOVE THIS SITE!

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