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Compression stockings are snug legwear that can improve circulation and prevent fluid buildup in the legs. They can also help seniors stay active and prevent health problems, such as leg swelling and even blood clots.

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Compression socks gently squeeze the leg, moving blood up the leg and preventing fluid retention that can cause swelling. Compression stockings can help prevent blood clots and are often prescribed for people with varicose veins, spider veins or those who just had surgery. They can also help with vascular conditions, such as deep vein thrombosis (characterized by a blood clot in the deep vein), post-thrombotic syndrome (a complication of deep vein thrombosis) and chronic venous insufficiency (when circulation of blood in the leg veins is impaired).

Tension in compression stockings is measured in millimeters of mercury (mmHg). In general, pressure of less than 20 mmHg is considered low compression while 20 to 30 mmHg is medium compression. Pressure that exceeds 30 mmHg is deemed high compression. Some studies show low pressure is just as effective as medium pressure for general swelling[1]Lim CS, Davies AH. Graduated compression stockings. Canadian Medical Association Journal. 2014;186(10);E391-E398. .

You can find compression stockings in knee-high, thigh-high and full-length styles. Most people find that knee-high socks are easier to put on. The length that works best for you will depend on your needs. In general, though, most common leg conditions can benefit from knee-high compression socks, while thigh-high compression socks are typically used to treat severe varicose veins and other conditions that extend above the knee.

You can find compression stockings at several price points. Expect to spend at least $10 a pair. Higher-compression and more specialized stockings (such as ones that include unique grip tops or are made of fashionable fabric) can exceed $100. You can find compression socks at online retailers, pharmacies, medical supply stores and stores that focus on comfort footwear.

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