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QlikView 11 For Developers

Cyclic Groups are defined by developers as a list of dimensions that can be switched between users. On the frontend, they are indicated with a circular arrow. For an example of how this works, let's look at the Ratio to Total chart, seen in the following image. By default, this chart shows movies grouped by duration. If we click on the little downward arrow next to the circular arrow, we will see a list of alternative groupings. Click on Decade to switch to the view to movies grouped by decade.

QlikView 11 for Developers

The Windows application we used earlier to navigate and analyse the data in Movies Database can not only be used to consume content, but it is also the main tool with which to create QlikView documents. As this book is focused on developers, this will be the main focus for the remaining chapters.

However, the benefits would have to be great and the learning curve to develop extensions not so deep for this to be a good investment and worth the effort. I believe such calculus is what makes many QlikView developers hesitate to take on the full role of a Qlik Sense developer, or at least it has more to do with that than any inability to learn how to code JavaScript. The beginning of this post demonstrates our hacking prowess and anyone who can think through both the logic and syntax of QlikView set analysis is capable of understanding JavaScript.

It's great to see that QlikView now has the quality reference guide that it deserves. The book has a linear easy to follow structure so those who are new to QlikView can pick it up, but it also has many advanced tips so even experienced developers will learn new things. Its hands on approach and attention to detail makes it an essential reference.

QlikView 11 for Developers is the first book which collects and explains many QlikView best practices step by step, using a practical and application related case. The book is a good and important tool for QlikView developers of all skill levels to support their everyday implementation challenges. I highly recommend it. 350c69d7ab


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