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Enjoy More VR Fun with Mods for Quest 2 Games

How to Download Mods on on Quest 2

Mods are user-generated content that can enhance your gaming experience by adding new features, maps, characters, items, and more. If you are a fan of modding games, you might be wondering how to download mods on on quest 2, a VR headset by Meta. In this article, we will explain what is, what quest 2 is, and how to download mods on on quest 2 in a few simple steps.

how to download mods on on quest 2

What is is a platform that enables cross-platform mod support for games. It allows developers to integrate modding functionality into their games, and players to browse, download, and install mods from various devices and systems. supports PC, consoles, mobile, and VR platforms, including quest 2.

A platform for cross-platform mod support provides developers with tools and APIs to integrate modding into their games. Developers can customize the modding experience for their players, such as setting community guidelines, moderating content, running events and contests, and analyzing data and insights. also handles the hosting, distribution, and updating of mods.

A community of mod creators and players also hosts a community of mod creators and players who share their passion for gaming. Mod creators can upload their mods to and showcase their work to millions of users. Players can discover new mods for their favorite games and subscribe to them with one click. also allows players to rate, review, comment, and report mods.

What is Quest 2?

Quest 2 is a VR headset by Meta that offers an immersive and wireless VR experience. It has a high-resolution display, powerful performance, built-in audio, touch controllers, and positional tracking. Quest 2 also supports a wide range of VR games and apps, including some that are moddable.

A VR headset by Meta

Quest 2 is the second generation of Meta's all-in-one VR headset. It was released in October 2020 as the Oculus Quest 2, but was rebranded as Meta Quest 2 in October 2021. Quest 2 is designed to be easy to use, comfortable to wear, and affordable to buy. It does not require a PC or a phone to run VR content.

A device that supports modded games

Quest 2 also supports some games that are moddable using or other platforms. For example, you can play Bonelab with custom avatars and levels, or Blade & Sorcery with new weapons and spells. However, not all games are compatible with mods on quest 2, so you need to check the game's description or website before downloading mods.

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