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Wwe Raw 2002 _BEST_

WWF Raw is a professional wrestling video game released on the Xbox and Microsoft Windows by THQ in 2002. It is based on the television series of the same name. It was the first WWF game released on the Xbox and also the last WWF game released on PC until the release of WWE 2K15 12 years later in 2014. It is also the last game released under the WWF name as the World Wrestling Federation changed its name to World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) in May of that year.

wwe raw 2002

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WWF Raw Is War 02 January 14, 2002Spike Dudley vs. Bubba Ray DudleyTajiri & The Hurricane vs. Billy & ChuckJackie vs. JazzKurt Angle vs. KaneEdge & Rob Van Dam vs. William Regal & TestBooker T vs. The Big ShowChris Jericho& Lance Storm & Christian vs. Rikishi & APARic Flair is att by Jericho & Vince McMahon

WWF Raw Is War 02 January 21, 2002Rob Van Dam & Spike Dudley & Tazz vs. the Dudley Boyz & Booker TWorld Wrestling Federation Intercontinental Championship MatchEdge vs. William RegalVal Venis vs. Mr. PerfectChuck and Billy vs. Kane and The Big ShowThe Rock &Triple H vs. Kurt Angle & Chris Jericho

WWF Raw Is War 02 January 28, 2002The Big Show vs. KaneWorld Wrestling Federation Intercontinental Championship MatchRob Van Dam vs. William RegalThe Godfather & Diamond Dallas Page vs. Lance Storm & ChristianWorld Wrestling Federation Heavyweight Championship MatchMaven vs. Chris JerichoTrish Stratus & the APA vs. Jazz & Chuck & BillyBooker T vs. Triple HKurt Angle vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin

WWF Raw Is War 02 February 11, 2002Edge vs. Chris JerichoGoldust vs. RikishiThe Godfather vs. Kurt AngleStone Cold Steve Austin vs. the UndertakerBooker T vs. TazzBikini MatchTorrie Wilson vs. Stacy KeiblerRob Van Dam vs. ChristianTriple H and Stephanie renew their Wedding Vows what Happends

WWF Raw Is War 02 February 18, 2002The Hardy Boyz vs. Lance Storm & ChristianMr. Perfect vs. KaneThe Godfather vs. Booker TRob Van Dam & Edge vs. Goldust & William RegalWrestlemania Title ShotTriple H vs. Kurt AngleNWO Attaqued the Rock

WWF Raw Is War 02 March 11, 2002RVD & Hardyz v. Regal & Dudley BoyzRikishi v. TestAl Snow v. GoldustKurt Angle & Booker T v. Edge & The Big ShowChristian (w/ DDP) v. Billy (w/Chuck)Lita & Trish Stratus v. Stacey Kiebler & JazzThe NWO pose and talk to themselves. Hogan hypes his match with the Rock! Scott Hall hypes his match with Stone Cold Steve Austin! Kevin Nash stands there! Then he talks about how it is the first time the WWF will see the NWO in the ring.The Rock & Stone Cold Steve Austin v. The NWO

WWF Raw Is War 02 March 25, 2002The split, the possible end of Stephanie, less bold tags, and the draft which will decide the way wrestling is scripted from here on in.Tazz vs. Mr. PerfectEdge &DDP vs. Christian &Booker TTrish Stratus vs. IvoryThe Rock&Hollywood Hulk Hogan vs. The NWOJeff Hardy vs. Billy GunnRikishi vs. William RegalRVD vs. Kurt Angle for the Intercontinental ChampionshipStephanie vs. Jericho vs. HHH for the Undisputed Heavyweight Championship

WWF Raw Is War 02 April 1, 2002Match #1 RVD vs. Booker T for the Intercontinental ChampionshipMatch #2William Regal vs. Spike DudleyMatch #3Bubba Ray Dudley vs. Raven for the Hardcore ChampionshipMatch #4The Hardy Boyz vs. The Bossman and Mr. PerfectMatch #5Terri vs. Trish Bikini Paddle on a Pole matchMatch #6Kane vs. XPac (w/Kevin Nash and Scott Hall)the story for the free agency of Stone Cold

WWF Raw Is War 02 April 8, 2002Bubba Ray Dudley vs. Booker T for the WWF Hardcore Championship.XPac vs. KainSpike Dudley vs. William Regal for the WWF European ChampionshipThe Undertaker vs RVDMolly vs. TrishThe Big Show vs Mr. PerfectStone Cold Steve Austin vs. Scott Hall

Match #1 Brock Lesnar w/Paul Heyman vs. Matt HardyMatch #2 Mr. Perfect vs. Rob Van DamMatch #3Trish Stratus&Jacky vs. Molly& JazzAnother WWF Flashback is shown: for most of the night the came with old matches like Hogan vs The Iron SheikMatch #4Bubba &Spike vs. Goldust& Booker TMatch #5Steven Richards vs. Bubba for the WWF Hardcore ChampionshipMatch #6William Regal vs. Shawn StasiakMatch #7 Austin &The Big Show vs. NWoWWF Raw Is War 02 April 29, 2002Intercontinental Champion, Eddie Guerrero, vs Jeff Hardy..Rob Van Dam vs Booker TBrock Lesnar vs Shawn StasiakSteve Austin and Bradshaw vs Scott Hall and X-PacSteven Richards vs Buh-Buh Ray Dudley to win the Hardcore TitleEuropean Champion, Spike Dudley, vs GoldustUndisputed World Champion, Hulk Hogan,vs William Regal

WWF Raw Is War 02 August 19, 2002Hardcore title match : Bradshaw vs Tommy Dreamer vs stevie Richards vs Jeff Hardy vs Bubba dudley vs Johnny the Bull vs Spike DudleyBra & Panties Mud MatchTrish Stratus vs Stacy KeiblerTriple H segmentBooker T& Goldust & Undertaker vs The Un-AmericansRob Van Dam vs Big Show:the Island Boyz came and attacked Show.Fozzy performs on RAW. After they finished, the fans booed, so Jericho told them they sucked, and that they will play another song. Then Flair comes out and destroys the set and chases Jericho to the ringNO Disqualification MatchThe Rock vs Triple H

WWF Raw Is War 02 September 2, 2002Eric Bischoff comes out with a briefcase. He said that Brock Lesnar likes to refer to himself as the Undisputed WWE champion, and since Stephanie convinced him to be exclusive for Smackdown, he thinks the fans for RAW deserve their own World champion.Inter gender tag team table matchTrish Stratus & Bubba vs Chris Nowinski & MollyBooker T vs William RegalShawn Michaels speaks out from a studio in San AntonioWorld Title (RAW version ???)Triple H vs Ric FlairHandicap MatchKane vs Storm & ChristianBig Show vs Tommy DreamerJeff Hardy vs Crash Hollylike a 3-minute notice, and the Island Boyz attack HardyLingerie Pillow fight MatchStacy Keibler vs Terri RunnelsChris Jericho & HHH vs Ric Flair & RVD

WWF Raw Is War 02 September 9, 2002WWE Tag Team TitlesLance Storm & Christian vs Bradshaw & KaneSteven Richards vs Bubba Ray DudleyStacy Keibler & Victoria vs Trish Stratus & TerriNon-Title MatchTriple H vs Spike DudleyBooker T & Goldust vs Un-AmericansHot Lesbian Action Whit the interference of the Island BoyzFatal Four Way Elimination MatchFor the #1 ContendershipChris Jericho vs RVD vs Jeff Hardy vs Big Show

WWF Raw Is War 02 November 4, 2002Jamal & Rosie w/Rico vs Jeff Hardy & BubbaIvory v Trish StratusLance Storm & William Regal vs Al Snow & Tommy DreamerBatista vs Justin CredibleTest vs The HurricaneRob Van Dam vs ChristianHHH & Chris Jericho vs Booker T & KaneChristopher Nowinski segment

WWF Raw Is War 02 November 11, 2002Kane & Rob Van Dam vs Chris Jericho & ChristianJeff Hardy vs Lance StormBatista vs D-Lo BrownShawn Michaels came to the ring and says his main goal this Sunday is to be prevent Triple H from walking out of the match as the World Heavyweight Champion.Rosey & Jamal vs Bubba Ray & Spike DudleyChristopher Nowinski vs Al SnowTest & Steven Richards vs The Hurricane & GoldustTriple H vs Booker T

WWF Raw Is War 02 December 9, 2002Booker T/ Goldust vs. Lance Storm/William Regal in tag team actionJackie vs. Steven Richards in an inter-gender matchRVD vs. Batista w/ Ric FlairChris Nowinski & D-Lo Brown vs. Al Snow & MavenTriple H w/ Ric Flair vs. Jeff HardyKane vs. 3 Minute Warning w/ RicoInter-gender Tag Team Tables Match with Dudley Boyz & Trish Stratus vs. Christian/Chris Jericho & Victoria

WWF Raw Is War Special 2002 December 30, 2002Hulk Hogan vs. Rock from WrestlemaniaHHH vs. Shawn Michaels from SummerSlamKurt Angle vs. Edge from BacklashThe four-way TLC match from 10/7 Raw in Las VegasEdge vs. Eddy Guerrero ladder match from the Smackdown in San DiegoUndertaker vs. Jeff Hardy ladder match on the 7/1 RawRey Mysterio vs., Kurt Angle from SummerSlamRock vs. Brock Lesnar from SummerSlamA Recap of the tribute for Owen Hart on Raw

In August 2011, The original brand extension of 2002 ended, and entire WWE roster, consisting of both Raw and SmackDown superstars, would officially merge, in which every superstar was eligible to appear on either show. The 'Raw SuperShow' logo featured elements of SmackDown's logo to emphasise the end of the original brand extension.

Jeff Hardy and The Undertaker have also had their fair share of memorable Raw matches. Hardy had an enjoyable Steel Cage Match against Umaga, TLC matches, and an encounter against Shawn Michaels. The Undertaker has also had some notable matches on Raw and show-stealers, such as a No Holds Barred Match against Mankind, and teaming up with Team Hell No to take on The Shield. However, for each of them, nothing compares to their clash against each other on the July 1st episode in 2002.

By the time 2002 rolled around, The Hardy Boyz in the tag team division had run its course, with them winning several belts already, and their popularity rising to the point where they could easily stand on their own individual sets of feet. For a few weeks in the lead up to July, The Undertaker had been using Matt and Jeff Hardy as punching bags, beating them down. In one episode, Undertaker even squashed Jeff Hardy in around two minutes.

It was released on February 11, 2002 in North America,[1] September 27, 2002 in the United Kingdom[1] and October 3, 2002 in Japan on the Xbox.[1] The game was released on October 14, 2002 in North America[2] and on November 1, 2002 in the United Kingdom.[2] A sequel was released in 2002 called WWE Raw 2. 350c69d7ab


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