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Part 2zip

I downloaded it to my PC . But ZIP file larger than 4 GB gives File too large error because I'm using FAT32. So I've downloaded 4294966367 bytes (about 4G) of the zip file and download stopped. Is it possible to rearchive the folder with 2 parts but first part will be exactly 4294966367 bytes and second part must be start from 4294966368th byte. After this, I hope I'll just need to download 2nd part and use previous downloaded 4 GB file as first part.

part 2zip


You have: 7GB full file split to 2 parts, 1st 4GB and 2nd 3GB. So it seems to me that unzip couldn't find the zip magic byte till it reach 3201769769. If you check precisely 3201769768 is the size of the 2nd part.

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Love my Smoky Mountain 1/2 zip pullover jacket. The embroidered logo really pops! And the weight and cut of the jacket is perfect for unimpaired play. The fact that part of my purchase goes to protecting these mountains that I love makes it even better!

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