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Netatmo Presence €? A New Outdoor Security Camera With A Light !!INSTALL!!

Part home security camera, part motion-activated floodlight, the Netatmo Presence ($299.99) observes what's happening outside your home in real-time and will record video and send an alert if it detects motion. Unlike most motion-activated security cameras, the Presence uses technology that lets it differentiate between animals, cars, and people, virtually eliminating needless alerts. It also delivers sharp 1080p video, and you can adjust the floodlight's brightness and create a lighting schedule. If you're not comfortable messing with electrical wiring, though, you should have an experienced electrician install it for you.

Netatmo Presence – A new outdoor security camera with a light

Below the floodlight is a 4-megapixel camera that records 1080p video and has a 100-degree field of view. It contains an 802.11b/g/n (2.4GHz) Wi-Fi radio and an 8GB microSD card for storing recorded video. The card slot will accept media up to 32GB, and can be accessed by prying off the bottom of the camera. Included in the box are a mounting bracket and mounting hardware. A cable protruding from the back of the floodlight connects to a mounting base and a wiring terminal, which is used to wire the device to your home's electricity.

You can view live and recorded video, turn the floodlight on and off, and configure the Presence using an Android or iOS app and on your computer via the Netatmo web portal. The app's home screen has a window for viewing video, below which you'll find a timeline with thumbnails of event-triggered clips. Each video is identified as a car, person, or animal event and displays the time of day. Tap on any clip to play it, or tap the Live button to view live video. For a full-screen view, turn your mobile device sideways.

In the upper left corner is a gear icon. Tap it to launch the settings page where you can rename the camera, add a new camera, change your password, and access the If This Then That (IFTTT) site. Here you can also set up Dropbox and FTP video storage, change Wi-Fi settings, and access help files. In the upper right corner is another icon (three dots) that takes you to a page where you can enable and disable monitoring, set up motion detection alert zones, and turn the floodlight on and off.

Whereas the Nest Cam Outdoor and Netgear Arlo Pro cameras will interact with other smart home devices such as automation hubs, connected lighting, and smart thermostats, the Presence doesn't. However, it does have an IFTTT channel that can trigger email notifications and interact with other IFTTT-enabled devices.

Designed to replace an existing outdoor light fixture, the Netatmo Presence is fairly easy to install, but it requires turning off power to the circuit, handling electrical wiring, and using a ladder. If you're not comfortable with any of that, call a pro.

After turning off the breaker for my outdoor driveway light, I removed the old fixture and attached the mounting strap to the junction box using two screws (included). Using the attached wire tie I hung the camera on the mounting strap for safe keeping while I connected the house wires to the terminal. As it turned out, the Presence's wires were a bit too short and pulled free of the terminal block when I went to mount the device, so I removed the terminal block and connected the wires using a couple of wire nuts I had hanging around. Once wired, I secured the mounting base to the strap, tightened up the mounting screw, and attached the Presence to the base using the included bracket, mounting plate, and screw. Before restoring power I tilted the camera to my desired angle and used the included Allen wrench to tighten it in place. The entire process took less than 15 minutes.

As a floodlight, the Presence provided more than enough light to illuminate my driveway and walkway to the front door. It never failed to light up when motion was detected, or when I had it set to turn on in low lighting conditions. Having the ability to dim the light output is a nice feature, especially when the fixture is facing a neighbor's house and you want to remain friends with said neighbor.

If you're looking for an outdoor security camera with a smaller profile that is simpler to install, check out Netgear's Arlo Pro . It doesn't have a floodlight and requires a hub, but it's cheaper, uses rechargeable batteries, and is completely wireless. It also offers a wider field of view (130 degrees) than the Presence, works with other smart devices such as the SmartThings Hub, and supports geofencing and two-way audio. As such it remains our Editors' Choice for outdoor home surveillance cameras.

Setting up new hardware is always a bit of a process, but with the Netatmo Presence, it felt like it was more complicated than it needed to be. In all, it was the typical pull off an existing floodlight, install new Netatmo, and run through the app walkthrough process, but there are a couple of snags.

Night vision is usually an iffy technology on security cameras with incredibly limited capture range, but the Presence stands apart with this feature. You can easily see objects, animals, and people in low light settings.

Being able to integrate your home security devices into a single hub is no longer just nice to have, but a necessity. With so many brands out there, IFTTT has become one of the more widely known platforms to sync devices together. Whether you want to activate your internal Hue lights, log any actions that occur on the Presence, or expand your notifications, the integration with IFTTT is a huge addition.

The netatmo camera platform is consuming the information provided by a Netatmo Smart Indoor, Outdoor and Netatmo Smart Video Doorbell camera. This integration allows you to view the current live stream created by the camera (exception: video doorbell).

The doorbell is currently not supported with the Home Assistant Cloud link mode (configured in the integration). Please use a Netatmo dev account. Note that: if you have already created the Netatmo integration, you must remove it and configure it with the Netatmo dev account as explained in the previous link. Then you will see a Smart Doorbell device with a camera sensor.

The netatmo light platform is consuming information provided by a Netatmo Smart Outdoor camera and requires an active webhook. This integration allows you to turn on/off the flood lights.It further provides support for Legrand/BTicino dimmers.

Cons: Awkward installation, more expensive than the competition, doesn't play well with other systems (yet)Security cameras were one of the first Internet connected products for the home, and today there are scores of different models available all offering roughly the same features. Netatmo Presence is an exception, combining an outdoor flood light with a camera that boasts automatic object recognition. The oblong $300 Presence houses an array of LED lights with a camera perched underneath. The floodlight is powerful enough to illuminate a porch and area of up to roughly 60 feet beyond your front door. The 1080p video camera can detect cars, people, and animals, allowing owners to set it to only alert them when, say, people are spotted. While the price of Netatmo Presence is higher than that of competing models, such as the $179 Kuna Craftsman outdoor security camera and light, Netatmo doesn't require an additional subscription fee to get live alerts. (A Nest Cam subscription, for example, costs $100 for just 10 days of recordings.) With the Presence, you can receive notifications and video playback on your smartphone, store clips on the camera, or have recordings sent to a Dropbox account or FTP server. Netatmo's clean, Bauhaus-style design also makes it an attractive accoutrement to any modern or contemporary home. On the other hand, if you own a carpenter's gothic Victorian, it may look a little conspicuous.

The weatherproof Netatmo Presence comes with a mounting kit and wiring that will accommodate any existing outdoor light fixture. The company also includes an 8 GB microSD card, but you can swap it out for a larger one up to 32 GB.

The camera has a 100-degree field of view, which is narrower than some surveillance cameras like Piper but it means there's less of the distorting fish-eye effect. The camera has a full HD 1080p resolution with a 4 megapixel sensor, clear enough in my tests to tell who was at the back door. It also has infrared night vision that can see as far as 50 feet without the floodlight. And there's a built-in microphone for recordings or for listening in live.

To use Presence, you need to make a Wi-Fi connection to your home network (setup is done via a free app). The camera supports Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, and while some devices I've tested in my home's basement frequently dropped the connection due to a weak signal, the Netatmo Presence maintained its link to the network over several months of testing. Unlike some Web cams, you can use a browser on your laptop or computer to tap into the Netatmo camera. However, the free Android and iOS apps for smartphones are simpler. The camera is not Apple HomeKit compatible or designed to work with systems like Samsung SmartThings; it will, however, work with IFTTT.

However, unlike a standard fixture, the Netatmo model has three components, which means you need a level of coordination usually reserved for tasks like juggling