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Vintage Disco Guitars WAV

Two guitars were used to capture these samples: a timeless single-coil Fender USA Stratocaster and a PRS S2 Mira with Humbucker pickups. All recorded through a Fender blues junior and a Universal Audio 6176 channel strip, famed for its vintage warm tone. Classic pedals used include a Budda Wah Mk1 and an Ibanez TS9 Tube Screamer.

Vintage Disco Guitars WAV

Loopmasters proudly present True Disco an authentic collection of Disco loops recorded with real instruments onto tape through an all analogue signal path for the most convincing collection of royalty free disco samples since Jon Travolta hung up his flares.

True Disco is all about the vibe of that classic Disco era. Using real musicians, real instruments, microphones and vintage hardware we have intentionally NOT tried to create a shining polished version of retro classic grooves, everything here will have intentional grime and dust added, partially the effect of using vintage gear but we also wanted to recreate the sound of sampling direct from classic vinyl recordings so give your sampler a proper treat, go crazy with the filters, remix them, mash them up and make them your own.

Taking influence from some of hottest underground house labels and artists such as Crosstown Rebels, Hot Creations, Maceo Plex, Lee Foss, Soul Clap and Russ Yallop, House Guitars is a sexed-up and funked-out collection of floor-ready guitar licks that ooze classic disco vibes, 80s pop and 90s R&B energy.

For over a decade, our mission has been to create an ever-growing selection of inspiring instruments, orchestral sections, drums, percussion ensembles, choirs, solo voices, folk and vintage instruments, experimental sonic contraptions, cinematic effects and sound-designed creations.

It includes 20 construction kits with real acoustic and electric guitars. It also includes synth arps, bells, pads, pianos, drones, leads, and basses. Each kit is broken into sections so you can build the tracks the way you want.

The free disco loops, samples and sounds listed here have been kindly uploaded by other users. If you use any of these disco loops please leave your comments. Read the loops section of the help area and our terms and conditions for more information on how you can use the loops. Any questions on using these files contact the user who uploaded them. Please contact us to report any files that you feel may be in breach of copyright or our upload guidelines.

Welcome to Nu Disco - Over 1200 24bit samples and 2.5 GB of authentic 70s and 80s dance floor nostalgia. Some of the most popular EDM today is a homage to the classic disco and club music of the 70s and 80s. Echoing the likes of Chic, Giorgio Moroder and Quincy Jones and those 80s greats like Chaka Khan and Kurtis Blow but with a modern twist. Nu Disco harks back to that golden era of dance but also takes a step into the future.

Nu Disco contains 35 construction kits with loads of additional chord progressions, drum loops, bass riffs, guitar licks and single hits. It is full of authentic retro disco and club sounds but with a modern feel and with the subtle tang of those delicious 80's guitar licks, smooth rhodes, sizzling synths, funky basslines and a mixture of live drums for the funk and disco and also some stomping house beats.The concept behind the construction kits is to allow you to filter and mash up the full mix as if you were sampling from vinyl but also, to give you complete flexibility, each full mix is split down into its component parts to allow you to work with individual instrument loops as well. Producer Davor Devcic is an incredible talent and has been responsible for numerous bestselling Zero-G sample libraries such as Classic Disco and Satin Grooves so you are in safe hands on the production front. The recordings sound alive, infectious and luxurious! This vast library is 100% royalty-free and comes in multiple formats that should suit every music producer. FEATURED SOUNDS:

Subscribe to our Exclusive Download Offers & News list, and we'll send you a $15 discount code. You'll get details of special low prices (only available to subscribers!) and be kept up to date with new Zero-G releases. You can subscribe here (click button on the right) and you will be able to unsubscribe instantly anytime. (*Note: the $15 discount can be used against any product priced over $40, except Vocaloids and recently released products).

Download: are back with the second iteration of our best-selling selection of funky bass riffs, walking grooves and slap bass freak-outs. Authentic, musical bass loops recorded through a vintage single-chain and old-school amplifiers available in several variations and families - keep it funky with over 240+ loops wav loops served between 115 and 125bpm.

With 19 MB of samples, World Guitars Freebie comes with a total of 10 samples comprised of strummed acoustic guitars, ukulele, nylon guitars, lutes, and more. Perfect for tapping into musical styles outside of the norm.

This 12 MB collection of Blues and Southern Rock Guitars comes with multiple classic guitar loops and one shots. Various vintage guitars, like the Gibson SJ Deluxe, a Fender US Strat, PRS Guitars S2 Mira, and a Johnson dobro were used to create this pack.

This sample pack features six royalty free loops recorded with real guitars, creative control layers (dry and wet), speed foundation files (bass and chords), MIDI bass and chords files or each loop, and BPM and key information.

In total, it comes with six royalty free lo-fi electric guitar loops recorded with real guitars, creative control layers (dry and wet), speed foundation files (bass and chords), MIDI bass and chords files for each loop, and BPM and key information.

Overall, it comes with seven original royalty free acoustic and electric guitar loops recorded with real guitars, creative control layers (dry and wet), speed foundation files (bass and chords), and BPM and key information.

Finally Synthwave III is ready to take off! We took our time to get it right: Manuel Schleis and Andy Hinz teamed up again, to bring back this great genre mix of fat classic synths and modern beats. Countless real 80s vintage hardware of Manuels' vast collection had been painstakingly sampled in detail to deliver the most authentic "magic 80s vibe" ever (over 260 multisamples!). Rolling basslines, warm pads, bright FM bells, creamy analog synths and those fat 80s gated snares: its all here in pristine quality and quantity - and as you can expect we would not be satisfied with anything else but perfection!

Ever wished to own all these incredible vintage string machines, organs and vocoders from the 70s and 80s? Now you can: VPS Avenger "String Machines" is here! Manuel Schleis himself dedicated the last years in collecting and deep-sampling all these original beautis. All samples have been taken from the real vintage gear, no compromises! Avengers Macro section is simulating the most important things you can do with the original synthesizer: Blend in different strings or organ registers, turn on the (real sampled) ensemble or tremolo effects or change other settings like filters or sustain modes. You can control everything which made these classics unique. All together this huge expansion consists of over 50 machines and over 14.500 single wav files, all perfectly looped of course. A masterpiece of a kind and a true time capsule of an entire era!

The long awaited successor of Melodic Techno 1 is here - and it delivers again: explore the fattest and most complex Melodic Techno Sounds on the market, designed by the dreamteam Manuel Schleis and Andy Hinz. 156 presets full of inspiring wobbles, punchy basslines, polyrhytmic arps, voices, atmospheres, vintage analog sounds, monstrous growls, cleverly designed randomizations, well balanced drumkits, masterfully composed melodies and 18 new arpeggio patterns. You want to have the advanced sounds, the big Melodic Techno artists use? Then this is the perfect toolbox for you - also for Trance, EDM, Deephouse and all other kinds of melodic stuff. You dont want to miss this one!

Hoorraay, its party time again! On time with the start of the party season, the new "VPS Avenger Euro Party 2 XP" arrived! On board is everything you need for creating the most authentic German Schlager, Chart/Pop, Apres Ski, Carnival and EDM/Dance tracks! Genre specialist Stephan Endemann delivers again: You will find real guitars, drums, synths, basses, pianos, crowd fx, risers/bombs, plucks and natural instruments. All perfectly designed to match this special character you need for composing party music. You asked us so many times for volume 2, so here you go - have fun!

The long awaited final chapter of the VPS Avenger Trance series by Manuel Schleis is here - "Trance Three"! Connoisseurs of this series know already what to expect: the most beautiful arps & sequences, the fattest pads & leads, warm plucks & basslines and perfectly crafted & selected drumkits; all mixed and produced on the highest level. You can also find full vocal hooks and innovative FX sweeps as well as inspiring live-chord detecting, powerful sequences. These presets alre "alive", due to Avengers' massive modulation possibilities. A lot of vintage gear has also been sampled for digital and analog masterpieces of sound. If you are really into Trance, this expansion is a must have - no matter if classic epic UK Trance or modern powerful progressive Trance or even chilling ambient beats - its all here!

The long awaited successor to Tech House 1 is finally here: Tech House 2! Brace yourself for the deepest basslines, the darkest drums, the funkiest minimalistic groove patterns, vintage chords & stabs, leads, inspiring arps, plucks and many ultra-cool vocals. Andy Hinz once again did it and totally nailed the modern sound of Tech House. Of course this expansion also works wonderful for any other House, Techno, Trance and EDM genres. You want to have new, unique sounds to set yourself apart from the mainstream? This one is for you, it won't get deeper than this!

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