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Invitation by RAR Association

Updated: May 31, 2022

Here we came with an awesome report of an invitation by RAR Association who had invited WFC Board members to a fabulous evening at Mansfield, where WFC President and other team members joined and enjoyed the event! WFC President Ms Lida Hazara talked about location, culture, season, food and education of Hazaras in Afghanistan. She nicely related the two decades life styles of Hazaras and deprivations to the current era. The audience were very keen to hear all that. Most of them got very emotional by these heartiest speech. They could ask questions as much as they could and each of WFC members replied them nicely and comprehensively. Later on, Ms Zakia Baig recited a very heart couching and emotional poem of her own which touched everyone's heart and the eyes were in tears. The poem was about Bamyan caves and living humans inside those caves. It stated: I wish a home which has a window!!! WFC team were welcomed very warmly and had some photos with the audience.

Thanks RAR and kind team members! Thanks Lida Hazara Thanks Zakia Baig

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