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WFC Recent Activity

Dear all! Due lake of time and many challenges in implementation of Women for Change Association projects under current rule in Afghanistan now we came with new activity report:

  1. Eleven Children who were the only source of incomes for their families due to poverty, are enrolled in a private school and their fees and other expenses are paid by WFC.

  2. Eleven needy ladies are spinning wool and they are paid/purchased groceries by the help of WFC monthly.

  3. Two families who have disabled members and cannot work are being paid/purchased groceries by WFC monthly.

  4. The most important and excellent activity which WFC, RAR, Earth Structure and Ms. Melba Marginson have performed in this hard time in Afghanistan history is as below:

As you are in the loop the Taliban don't allow girls to study after grade 6. Our team is able to create tuition class to teach school science subjects to the deprived girls from grade 7_12. Yes! The girls were very happy to be enrolled and study their school subjects. Now 431 girls, 10 teacher and 1 manager are involved in this great project. The teacher is being paid monthly.

See we have done such a great job that no one could thought of it! This is just a blessing to them and we are sure you are happy too. Please see the pictures thoroughly, feel them and be proud of yourselves and the changes you have created!

Please kindly keep your supports up!

Thanks to WFC team Thanks to RAR Members Thanks to The Earth Structures Thanks to Ms Melba Marginson Thanks to Egan Family Thanks to Tony Tehan Thanks to Sophie Duterter #WomenForChange #LetThemLearn

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