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WFC's July Activities

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

Here is the activity report and project implementation of Women for Change Association in Afghanistan. We hope those little activities bring a big positive change to Afghanistan’s people's lives.

The most important activities of Women for Change Association in cooperation with RAR are listed as below for month July 2022:

1. Continuation of reinforcement courses for girls above the sixth grade:

When the girls were deprived of education, the majority of them had become isolated and disappointed because of not going to school and being absent from their studies. Fortunately, this Association was able to actively help 460 female students who were very interested in their books and notebooks. The Association returned hope to them in the form of the course. This training program is carried out by twelve teachers and one manager in Kabul, and all the salaries of these teachers are paid monthly by the Association.

We also had an Eid program for the students, this event returned smiles back to them. In this program we also announced the monthly exam results with the prize for distinguished students, with the hymns, Persian and English essays, poetry, entertainment programs. The program finished with distribution of Cake, Fruit and Juice.

2. Covering Haidaria Gordam school in the most remote area of Behsud:

Fortunately, this month we covered a deprived and very remote school in Behsood district of Wardak Province. This school has about 100 student boys and girls who are studying under the scorching sun. They had only one teacher, the Association hired one another female teacher and will pay her salary monthly. We also distributed some study materials for students.

3. Continuing payment of all expenses and fees of eleven unsupervised students studying in private school in Kabul by the Association.

4. Continuing providing food or paying for food on a monthly basis for eleven unaccompanied women and creating jobs for them.

5. Continuing the monthly purchase of food for two families whose family members are disabled.

And finally, the Women for Change Association appreciates and thanks to the association's educational group includes thirteen teachers (Twelve teachers in Kabul and one new teacher in the Behsood ) which are working hard for the students to educate the society.

The Women for Change Association hopes to create a positive change in the lives of its helpless people by continuing its activities.

Please kindly keep your supports up!

Thanks to RAR Members

Thanks to WFC team

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