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Projects in Afghanistan

Break the Hunger

No words can convey our gratitude for the great support we have received from you. Just take our heartiest” thanks “! Thank you, TSWN, Thank you Australian Hazara Women Friendship Network, Thank you Community Four, DANA and WFC.

39 vulnerable families who have received supports form the mentioned associations in this cold snowy weather of Kabul belong to the most deprived part of the Hazara community such as orphans, disabled, martyred families and the poorest families who even cannot effort one-time food for their families in 24 hours. The cold weather, unemployment, high process of groceries and accommodations have made these people unable to continue. They are very helpless and poor.

Once again thank you, everyone.

Some people deserve more than just a thank you. Special thanks from Melba Marginson for organising this great support.


Women Felting

Besides having tuition classes for the poor students, we perform the project of Namad felting in Bamyan-Waras. This project is running by our coordinator and more than ten poor women in Waras and financially supported by Women for Change Association!

Here by we really appreciate our kind donors within Australia and we assure that your each donated cents will be used to bring positive changes in the life of our poor deprived people!


Women Empowerment

Women For Change association's financial supports to some girls who want to work and we are so happy that these ladies are empowered to work and strengthen their financial accountability!


Education (Supporting Classes)

Supporting classes in the most deprived and remote area of Waras District in Bamyan Province, where there no supports and financial aids of development projects and government subsidies are witnessed!

We are proud to be a part of Women for Change association to help this deprived District! Your enthusiasm towards donations to our association is highly appreciated and the activities being performed by these talented and scarifying Teachers are amazing!

Let's put our hands together to improve these activities and support them as much as we can!


Women Employment

Women employment in the most deprived area of Bamyan. These pictures show the most hardworking women in Bamyan-Waras. These women spin the wool and sell them in market for carpet waving, they are supported by Women for Change association financially, thanks to all donors. Please support us to create more opportunities and help these women.

Yes we can!


Women Education

The Tuition classes established and funded by Women for Change in Waras District of Bamyan for the grade 10_12 and those who want to participate in Kankor exam next year and successful pass it.

We are so proud and happy to create such an academic environment of learning for these students who live in the most deprived and remote area of Hazarajat!

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